Grooming Services

Dog Grooming Services in Wigan, Skelmersdale and the Surrounding Area.

subBanner1_0Here at the Furry Dogmother salon we pride ourselves on the care of our canine clients and aim to make your dog feel at ease. We recommend an appointment every 4-6 weeks to the salon in order to keep your dog’s coat in tip top condition.

Please call to discuss your requirements fully, as prices vary dependant on the breed of your dog and the type and condition of it’s coat.

A Full Groom:

This includes a wellbeing check of your dog and coat condition assessment prior to grooming. We will then discuss your requirements and wishes and look at what style will be best for your dog at that time. To begin with we will give your dog a relaxing bath with 2 shampoo’s to get their coat clean, grime and dirt free, finishing off with conditioner for that soft and silky finish, to have them smelling great. We use top quality professional shampoo’s and conditioner’s and will tailor the product to your dog’s coat type, colour, and any skin sensitiviites identified. We have a selection of hypoallergenic and gentle shampoos for the dogs with more sensitive skin, as well as specially formulated puppy shampo’s for our younger clients. We do not use electric cage dryers here at The Furry Dog Mother, but instead hand dry your fluffy friend, causing less stress and ensuring their coat is dried and brushed out fully before styling. We will then cut/clip and style your dog’s hair, clean their eye area, clean ears and remove excess hair if required and trim their feet and trim their nails. Finishing them off with a spray of our ‘doggie cologne’s’, we have a selection of popular scents, such as ‘Jimmy Chow Chow’ for Dogs and the new 1 ‘Million Dog’……… (also available to purchase in the salon). Then they can leave for home feeling and smelling great.

Prices Start from:  £15.00

Maintenance Groom:

Taking place in between full grooming appointments, a shorter appointment is available where we will give your pooch a bath and dry, trim nails amd clean their ears, before giving them a quick tidy/trim round their feet, face and hygiene areas. This will make it easier for you to maintain your dogs coat in between full grooming/styling appointments.

Bath and Dry:

Keeping your pooch clean and smelling fresh all the time. No styling involved, just a relaxing bath and dry to freshen them up finishing off with a spray of cologne.

Prices Start from £12.00


Available if required and you dogs coat is suitable to be stripped.

Prices start from £30.00

Nail Trimming:

Nail trimmings is often detested by dogs and owners alike, some dogs dislike their feet being handled and therefore dog owners can feel uncomfortable with the process for fear of hurting their dog. Most dogs need monthly nail trims, and its better to keep them short, for the dogs comfort when walking.  Nail trimming is included in full and maintenance grooming appointments, but you can also just call in to have your dogs nails trimmed in between visits.

Price   £6.00

Ears Cleaned/Plucked:

Along with wax, all manners of dirt and grime can gather in your dogs ears. It is therefore vital that they are cleaned regularly to prevent any infections or problems.. Again this is included in a full and maintenance groom, but you can also call in or make an appointment to have their ears cleaned between visits.

Price  £5.00

Puppy Visits/Grooming

hIt is important to introduce your puppy to the wold of grooming at an early age to familiarise them with the salon, the noises, smells and the overall experience. We recommend once your new puppy is fully vaccinated that you come along for a short ‘puppy’ visit to the salon.

The 1st visit consists of around a 15 minute appointment and will involve a meet and greet with our groomer, it will allow your puppy to come in have a sniff around getting used to the smells and noises in the salon. They can have a seat on the grooming table and we’ll give them a little brush out to enable them to get used to the feeling of being groomed.

1st Puppy Meet and Greet Free….

Their 2nd visit, we’ll introduce them to the bath, dry them off and have a brush out. We’ll tidy the face area, trim/tidy feet and hygiene areas.

Prices start from £15.00

The 3rd visit your puppy can move onto its first full groom, which includes a bath, dry out and style or cut if required. Nails trimmed and ears cleaned  (plucked if required), and eyes area cleaned.

Normal grooming prices apply.